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Home | Gemstone JEWELLERY | Colours of the Earth Bracelets | Amber, Citrine, Fluorite and Carnelian Unique Bracelet a3
  Amber, Citrine, Fluorite and Carnelian Unique Bracelet a3
   Amber, Citrine, Fluorite and Carnelian Unique Bracelet a3   
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Amber, Citrine, Fluorite and Carnelian Unique Bracelet a3

1 Amber, Citrine, Fluorite and Carnelian Bracelet
Stretch to fit - this one will fit a 16.5 to 17 cm wrist approx
The "Faith" Bead  is 1 cm  The Fluorite Butterflies are 1.2 cm
1 free organza bag
Please ask if you need this in a different size

AMBER is fossilised tree resin and very light. Its energy is sunny
and warm and gives us freedom from worry.
It increases our capacity to remember and makes us mindful of past
mistakes so we don’t repeat them.
It helps us to be flexible and motivates us to be inspiringly creative.
It purifies mind, body and spirit and soothes stress on all levels.
It eases all aches and pains, boosts immunity and is helpful for
bronchial problems, asthma and hay fever.
It helps with snoring if you place one under your pillow!
It is one of the crystals along with jet which eases the pain of toothache.
Amber always has a lovely sunny positive energy.
Amber carries the positive energy of gold, yellow and orange
and vibrates to number 3

CITRINE brings wealth and success helping us to be generous in all we do.
It aids our concentration allowing us to focus fully on tasks, especially academic study.
It shows us how we may be letting self destructive behaviour hamper our well being and happiness.
It eases digestive problems, confusion and exhaustion.
It alleviates stress, depression, phobias and anxiety.
It has been known to help with the symptoms of m.e and chronic fatigue.
It brings the energy of self confidence and optimistic happy thoughts
Citrine is one of the crystals you never need to cleanse.
Beautiful sunny citrine has lovely optimistic energy and will always raise your energy
and help you be the best you can be
Citrine carries the energy of yellow and vibrates to number 6

FLUORITE The name fluorite comes from the Latin word fluere which
means to flow and that is exactly what fluorite teaches us to flow with life
and trust ourselves to cope whatever happens.
It is great for clearing confusion, bringing common sense answers
and balance in the midst of crisis and stress.
It allows us to understand the connection between our emotions
and illness. It shows us how to reorganise our lives and find
our inner calm and” free spirit”!
It cleanses the body of toxins, infection and viruses and is
a great crystal for detox.
It helps with ulcers and osteoporosis and is beneficial for arthritis.
It is one of the best stones to protect from viruses such as colds and flu.
Fluorite crystals carry the colour energies of violet, blue, green, yellow and pink.
Vibrates to number 7

is warming and friendly. It inspires us to achieve but not at the cost of others.
It dispels fear and apathy. It is like holding a sunset in your hand, it always makes you feel better.
Creative and amiable it helps with depression and grief.
It strengthens our decision making and resolve. Encourages imagination and artistic ability.
Lower back problems, rheumatism, arthritis and fertility problems all
benefit from carnelian. It is good for fever, colds, allergies and hay fever.
Carnelian crystals have the wonderful energy of confidence and inspiration
They carry the colour energy of orange and vibrate to number 5

Price:  £26.50


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