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All the colours have a lesson for us, energies to give us and wisdom within them.
If we learn to understand their language they can help us to grow peacefully into healthy, caring, motivated and brilliant people!!

Colour and light therapies have been used since ancient times in Egypt, Babylon,
and China. The Romans and Greeks used light therapies and even today the unseen
and sometimes harmful colour rays of ultra violet and infrared are used by the medical profession to heal. The middle rays of the spectrum are the colours that are usually
just taken for granted though and few of us realize the importance of their energy or their healing ability.

Colour surrounds us from the day we are born. It is used every day to describe our health, attitudes, emotions and our behaviour. Learning and understanding the power
of colour and its meaning can give us insights into ourselves and others. Using colours
to heal can help us to balance our energies and appreciate and value all our experiences.

I have given a few key words for each chakra and its archetype of development after
the colour meanings. You can see that each colour and chakra contributes to our
growth and learning from conception right through our lives.
We usually only use 9 colours for healing but here I have added black, brown,
pink, white, gold and silver as we all use and wear these colours so it is
important to know their meanings.

is the energy of protection. It is a colour of mystery and potential.
It gives us a strong sense of discipline, order and self-control.
Black can be used for shielding, deflecting negative energy and anchoring energy.
It will ease pain and protect us from the effects of pollution. It helps us to face
our fears and gives us more control over our experiences.
Chakra black is not usually associated with a chakra although
it can used for the earth star.

BROWN has the calming, soothing energy of security, of reassurance and supportive strength. It brings us a quiet powerful determination to grow and be seen to be here.
Brown can be used for grounding, focus, concentration, self discipline and loyalty.
It can help with circulation problems, back pain and mobility. It will aid digestion and elimination. It is a colour of comfort (chocolate!) and will always assist us in feeling grounded and safe.
Chakra -Earth Star
Archetype of development - creation, birth
Keywords – grounding, nurturing

RED is stimulating and enlivening. It brings the energy of excitement,
passion, strength and courage motivating us into action.
Red can be used for extra energy, courage, direction, drive, enthusiasm, strengthening your immune system, circulation problems, low blood pressure, anemia and colds.
Aches and pains in legs, feet or bones in general. Most bowel problems can be eased
by using red. Red is the colour of survival and will help us to be grounded and give us
the will and determination to succeed.
Chakra – Root
Archetype of development - survival, learning
Keywords – self preservation, courage

ORANGE is revitalizing, enthusiastic and friendly. It helps us to assimilate energy
and explore all our relationships at every level.
Orange will help when you need change in your life. It brings the energy of motivation, creativity, liveliness, cooperation and stamina. It eases the symptoms of trauma, depression, grief, asthma, bronchitis, liver and kidney problems, IBS and general
aches and pains.
Chakra – Sacral
Archetype of development - growth, relationships
Keywords – movement, pleasure, fun

YELLOW is empowering, optimistic and happy. It brings the energy of clarity and light.
It energises the brain and helps with confusion. It will help you to be assertive, objective, positive and cheerful.
Yellow can be used for confidence, ambition, success, abundance and will power.
It will help with skin and digestive problems, eating disorders, learning and studying. Chronic fatigue and ME can sometimes be helped by yellow. It is also used for fears
and phobias. Yellow is the nearest colour we have to sunshine so it will always make
you feel more optimistic and happy.
Chakra - Solar plexus
Archetype of development – feelings, learnt knowledge
Keywords – directing, personal power, optimism

GREEN is neutral, balanced and harmonious. It is healing and both calming and energising. Green will bring you the understanding you need to love without
conditions both yourself and others.
It will help with all issues concerned with stability, diplomacy, adapting to change, cleansing, detoxifying, stress, anxiety, heart problems and ulcers. It aids memory
making it an important healing colour as many of our illnesses originate from past experience.
Chakra – Heart
Archetype of development – unconditional love, empathy
Keywords – balance, love, understanding

TURQUOISE is cooling, calming and peaceful. It brings the energy of freedom and openness. It encourages us to be imaginative, self questioning and communicate clearly.
Turquoise will help with relaxing, tranquility, independence, self esteem, boosting your immunity, breathing problems, throat and chest infections. It fights infection especially septic conditions. It can protect us from any kind of pollution and is great for helping with deficient immune diseases. It helps with stress and calms the emotions.
Chakra - Meta heart or Thymus
Archetype of development – independence, self expression
Keywords – introspection, freedom, openness

BLUE gives us the energy of peace and honesty. It is soothing and calming bringing rest, serenity and tranquility. It helps us to peacefully reflect on our experiences and focus on solutions. Blue is patience and perseverance. Think Blue if you lose your temper.
It will help with communication, empathy, teaching others, peace and stillness.
It will aid with lowering blood pressure, fighting infection and calming stress and irritation. It is good for sore throats and laryngitis, stiff necks and reduces inflammation.
Chakra - Throat
Archetype of development – leadership, loyalty
Keywords – communication, truth, responsibility

INDIGO gives us the energy of intuition and dreams. It increases our perception
and has the power and force to change negative to positive.
It brings us the ability to understand that which is hidden and gives us a determination
to succeed. I call it the “just do it “colour.
It purifies, has a sedative affect and is great for pain of any kind. It helps with bacterial infections, sinus problems and has been known to disperse growths, tumors and lumps of any kind. It can also be affective with overactive thyroid, hearing loss and cataracts.
Chakra – Brow
Archetype of development – intuition, perception
Keywords – discernment, imagination, reflection

VIOLET is soothing, purifying and balancing and it helps us to be creative and find our spiritual path. It brings faith and hope inspiring us to listen to our higher selves.
Violet can be used for self worth, calming anxiety, insomnia, tension headaches, infections and allergies. It restores energy and alleviates depression. It also eases sciatica and some say hair loss! Violet is a spiritual colour that will aid psychic ability
and bring understanding of the importance of balancing the material with the spiritual
in everyday life.
Chakra - Crown
Archetype of development – peace of mind, spiritual vision
Keywords – faith, hope, realization, trust

MAGENTA is the energy of recognition and equality. It can give us release and completeness. It brings the awareness and understanding that we need to love and
care for humanity and our planet. It is the colour of nurturing and compassion.
Magenta can be used when you need to let go of the past and change old or damaging behavior patterns. It teaches us to embrace the future bringing hope and acceptance that all is the way it should be.
It is good for balancing hormones and fluid retention. It has been used for cysts and tumors successfully and tinnitus. It is a wonderful colour for bringing passion and understanding into leadership.
Chakra - Soul Star
Archetype of development – compassion, altruism
Keywords – wisdom, release, equality

PINK is the energy of caring and generosity. It is the colour of love especially self-love. Pink gives you the feelings of kindness and affection. It is great for calming strong emotions.
Pink can be used for comfort, gentleness, contentment, forgiveness and self acceptance. Pink aids digestion and is good for losing weight especially if used with turquoise. It also helps with skin problems and puffiness. It will ease heart problems, burns, blisters, hormone imbalances, panic attacks and MS symptoms.
It is wonderful for raising self esteem, easing stress and calming damaging emotions.
Chakra- pink can be used for the heart chakra and the Soul Star

WHITE/ BRILLIANCE bring the energy of peace, unity, completeness and equality. Brilliance and white contain all the colours so will always bring the energy surrounding them into balance. They give us vision and hope
They are used for amplifying and purifying energy and will cleanse and balance the mind, body and spirit. They ease skin problems, clear the lymphatic system and strengthen bones.
Chakra – sometimes associated with the crown. They can be used for all the chakras as they contain all the colours

GOLD will bring you optimism, trust, hope and develop your wisdom.
Gold will help you to succeed in all you set out to do.

SILVER brings us the energy of Reflection It stills the emotions and lights our way.
It is good for calming the nerves as well as the hormones. It enables us to be flexible
and can help in resolving disputes allowing us to stay calm and rational whatever the problem

As life changes so do our choices. Colours act as a mirror to tell us how we may be acting or reacting to what is happening in our lives at this time. They give us a reflection of ourselves from an inner subconscious level which can help us to change the conscious decisions we make. The colours we wear, the colours we eat and the colours we surround ourselves in can tell us a lot about ourselves once we known how to read their language.

If you have any questions please mail us or use the form on the contact page. You are welcome to print and use any information on our website for your own use but please remember all information on this site is copy written.

"Do not be afraid of growing slowly be afraid of standing still"
Chinese proverb