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Name Numbers


Pythagorass alphabet with the 9 healing colours added

Red Orange Yellow Green Turquoise Blue Indigo Violet Magenta
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

To work out your personality number add the number values of the letters of your name together until they are less then ten in the same way you work out your life path number.
For example mine is H-8, I-9, L-3, A-1, R-9, Y-7 = 37
3+7 = 10 and 1+ 0 = 1
So my name number is one which is associated with Red

Your first name is the most important and has the most effect on your personality as it is the name you hear the vibration of most. Your first name will give you the personality traits you show to those close to you and ones you yourself see (or dont!!).
Your whole name the one on your birth certificate gives you the personality traits you show in the public world or to people that you do not know well.
Below are the personality numbers and colours and a brief outline of each.
Do remember though that there are many numbers in a numerology chart and this
is just one of them. The numbers and colours of the letters in your name will also
affect you as well as looking at the colours that are missing.
I have no number four and green anywhere in my first name or full name for example so
I always need to work on bringing in green energy and keeping balance in my life!

Number 1 - Red
The Red personality is dynamic, active, strong and passionate. Red people
are brave survivors whatever life throws at them. Being competitive they like
to lead and win! They love to explore new ideas and are adventurous and enthusiastic.
They need to watch being impatient with those who do not go at their speed!
They can at times be rather dominating and often dislike following orders.
You cant help but join in with the passion of the red personality.

Number 2 - Orange
The Orange personality is exciting, warm, friendly, playful and has a great
sense of humor. They have a quiet courage and strength to overcome lifes obstacles.
They are creative, love being sociable, chatting, and having fun. They are generous,
like to help others and make loyal friends. They need to watch being indecisive
and having a lack of focus or commitment.

Number 3 - Yellow
The Yellow personality is sunny, cheerful and optimistic. They are alert, full of
curiosity, bright and quick. They are great communicators, ambitious and like
to be in control! They bring positive good humour to every situation.
Their openness and energy make them fun to be with. They need to watch out for becoming bored easily and not finishing what they start. They can sometimes be over sensitive.

Number 4 - Green
The Green personality is balanced, calm and understanding. They are idealistic,
quietly independent, helpful, and able to cope with any situation efficiently
and with patience. They are often talented artistically.
They see the best in everyone making them great friends!
They need to watch they do not get stuck in a rut and allow
themselves to be flexible and open to change.

Number 5 - Turquoise
The Turquoise personality is honest, open and very expressive.They love to talk!
They like their independence and freedom. They are creative and original thinkers
who love to share their knowledge making them great teachers.
They have a calming influence on others and often find themselves in the role of mediator. They need to watch being irresponsible and unreliable at times.

Number 6- Blue
The Blue personality is quietly confident, direct, clear and honest.
Their calm strength, sincerity, and versatility make them good allies in any situation.
They put high value on family and friends being protective, reliable and generous in their care of them. They need a peaceful environment to give their best.
They can be over possessive and perhaps at times a bit too inquisitive.

Number 7- Indigo
The Indigo personality is strong, inspired and conscientious.
They are highly perceptive, self contained and like to be in control of all they do.
They are creative, have great imaginations and a strong sense of justice.
They are very loyal, wise and courageous making them supportive friends.
They can tend to daydream a bit and can suffer from procrastination.

Number 8 Violet
The Violet personality is calm, sensitive, inventive, idealistic and visionary
with an air of authority. They have stamina and focus even in the most difficult of times.
They are deep thinkers, dreamers, perfectionists and have a good sense of fair play making them protective and dependable friends to have. They need to be careful to have a balanced attitude to money or they tend to become workaholics.

Number 9 - Magenta
The Magenta personality is idealistic, empathic and compassionate. Nurturing the best in
others they make great parents and teachers. They are sensitive, generous, and intuitive. Being broadminded and tolerant they rarely judge others always seeing both sides. They need to use their creativity or they could become depressed. At times they can be impractical and get carried away with passionate emotions and grand ideas!

There are many vibration numbers you can work out with the alphabet including all your crystals, although we have added the vibration numbers to most of our descriptions to save you time.

Grow quietly with peace in mind