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Pet Healing


Our pets respond to crystal healing very well and below are some suggestions.

Amethyst - separation anxiety and soothing fear.
Aquamarine allergies, breathing problems and coughs
Black Tourmaline protection from negative energy and environmental pollution.
Blue Lace Agate - calming hyperactive and aggressive behaviour, inflammation, fever and coughs
Calcite digestive and bowel problems
Carnelian - extra energy and sociability
Citrine confidence, learning and focus when training!
Dalmatian stone is good for all round healing and calming of our pets
Garnet - general health, stamina and immunity
Lapis - stress and any pain
Lepidolite - stress, sadness, depression and skin problems
Malachite - joint pain and protection when travelling
Mahogony Obsidian - grounding and giving a feeling of security.
Rhodonite - stress, past trauma and ill treatment
Rose quartz calming stress and love
Tigers eye success, grounding and eating problems
Turquoise protection, strengthens the immune system
Fluorite - protection from viruses, arthritis and ulcers

You can use tumblestones to make a gemstone water.
I do this by filling a large bottle with water and adding the tumblestone to it then leave it overnight and fill the water bowl with it the following day topping it up as they drink it. Certain stones such as malachite which has a very high copper content are not suitable for gemwater. All the above apart from Malachite and black tourmaline are fine. Never put the tumblestone within reach of your pet as they may swallow it! You can use crystals beside your pets bed or hanging above it. If they have a specific problems stroking/ massaging them with the appropriate crystal is good.

Crystals are for easing symptoms
and helping your pets to heal themselves. They are not meant to be used
as a substitute for medical attention but complimentary to it. If you
have any doubts it is always best to consult a qualified holistic
practitioner or your Vet