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Home | Gemstone JEWELLERY | Colours of the Earth Bracelets | Sodalite, Quartz and Fluorite unique Bracelet sf3
  Sodalite, Quartz and Fluorite unique Bracelet sf3
   Sodalite, Quartz and Fluorite unique Bracelet sf3   
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Sodalite, Quartz and Fluorite unique Bracelet sf3

1 Sodalite, Quartz and Fluorite unique Bracelet
Stretch to fit this one is Large to fit an 18 cm wrist
1 free organza bag
Please ask if you need a different size

SODALITE calms and clears the mind allowing us to see things the
way they really are rather then how we would want them to be.
It shows us how to rationally and logically use our intuition without doubting it.
It helps with insomnia and balances the metabolism.
It will help the immune system to protect against infection and
bring inner stillness especially when feeling stressful emotions.
Sodalite has a wonderful serene energy.
It vibrates to number 4

As well as the properties below of all fluorites BLUE FLUORITE also brings us the wonderful energy of autonomy and freedom. It gives us calm serenity when faced with frustration and disappointment. It provides a sense of justice and helps with obsessive behaviour patterns. A stone of truth and clear communication it enhances creativity. It alleviates throat infections, coughs, sinus and eye and ear problems.
Blue fluorite carries the colour energy of blue and vibrates to number 8

FLUORITE The name fluorite comes from the Latin word fluere which
means to flow and that is exactly what fluorite teaches us to flow with life
and trust ourselves to cope whatever happens.
It is great for clearing confusion, bringing common sense answers
and balance in the midst of crisis and stress.
It allows us to understand the connection between our emotions
and illness. It shows us how to reorganise our lives and find
our inner calm and” free spirit”!
It cleanses the body of toxins, infection and viruses and is
a great crystal for detox.
It helps with ulcers and osteoporosis and is beneficial for arthritis.
It is one of the best stones to protect from viruses such as colds and flu.
Fluorite crystals carry the colour energies of violet, green, yellow and the rarer
blue and pink.
Vibrate to number 7

CLEAR QUARTZ crystal contains all the colours which makes it a powerful
healer at all levels. It amplifies positive energy allowing clear focus,
strength and optimism to flourish. It harmonizes all around it bringing
balance, raising negative vibrations and dispelling lethargy.
It shows us how to utilize our energy to its best effect.
Clear quartz is the master of healing crystals and will help with all the
challenges we have whether it be to mind, body or spirit.
As you can program quartz so well it makes a wonderful healing tool.
Vibrates to numbers 4 and 7

Price:  £23.50


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